Упражнения there is there are еда

There is. There are. Упражнения с ответами

Упражнения на there is, there are помогут Вам отработать и на всю жизнь запомнить эту необходимую даже для повседневного общения структуру. Do the exercises with pleasure!

Упражнение 1. Составь и прочитай предложения. Запиши любые пять из них.

Упражнение 2. Вставьте is или are.

  1. There _____ two cups of tea on the table.
  2. There _____ some milk in the cup.
  3. There _____ an orange in the salad.
  4. There _____ six balls in the box.
  5. There _____ some cheese on the plate.
  6. There ______ a blue chair at the door.
  7. There _____ five chicks and a hen on the farm.
  8. There _____ a table and nine desks in the classroom.
  9. There _____ a big window to the left of the door.
  10. There _____ three rooms in our country house.
  11. _____ there three cups on the coffee-table?
  12. ____ there a carpet on the floor?
  13. There _____ no cats in the sitting room.
  14. There_____ a cat on the table.
  15. There_____ 3 dogs in the box
  16. There _____4 hens in the house.
  17. There _____ a pot on the table.
  18. _____ there a bathroom near the kitchen?
  19. _____ there four rooms in the house?
  20. _____ there a kitchen under your bedroom?

Упражнение 3. Write in There’s / There’re.

  1. _________ some sandwiches in the fridge.
  2. _________ a biscuit on the plate.
  3. _________ some jam on the table.
  4. _________ some cornflakes in the cupboard.
  5. _________ some sugar in the glass.
  6. _________ two cups of tea on the table.

Упражнение 4. Write in Is there or Are there. Go to your kitchen. Give short answers.

Yes, there is. Yes, there are. No, there isn’t. No, there aren’t.

  1. _____________ any sausages in the fridge? ____________________.
  2. _____________ any sugar in the cupboard?____________________.
  3. _____________ any rolls on the table?____________________.
  4. _____________ any eggs in the fridge?____________________.
  5. _____________ any jam in the fridge?____________________.
  6. _____________ any biscuits in the cupboard?____________________.

Упражнение 5. Напиши каждое предложение в отрицательной и вопросительной форме.

  1. There are many pupils in the classroom.
  2. There is some meat on the plate.
  3. There are four parks in the city.

Упражнение 6. Составь и запиши предложения.

1. pears / there / ten / in the / are / bag / .

2. aren’t / pupils / there / classroom / in the / .

3. an egg / on the / there / plate / is / ?

4. on the / there / a / cat / chair / is / white / .

5. a turtle / on / there / isn’t / farm / this / .

6. at the / two / bikes / door / are / there / ?

Упражнение 7. Что имеется в холодильнике? Посмотрите и напишите. Несколько предложений уже сделаны для примера.

  1. There’s some cheese.
  2. There are some apples.
  3. There’s a cucumber.

Упражнение 8. Circle the correct word.

  1. There is / There are a big hall downstairs.
  2. There is / There are two bathrooms upstairs.
  3. There is / There are beautiful trees in the garden.
  4. There is / There are a kitchen downstairs.
  5. There is / There are three bedrooms in the house

Упражнение 9. Find the differences

Пример: There’s some coffee in picture 1. There isn’t any coffee in picture 2.

Упражнение 10. Write in There’s / There’re.

  1. _______________ a kitten in the kitchen.
  2. _______________two puppies in the bathroom.
  3. _______________five mice in the living-room.
  4. _______________a hamster in the hall.
  5. _______________three tortoises in the bedroom.
  6. _______________ a budgie in the garden.
  7. _______________ three mice under the cupboard.
  8. _______________four tortoises under the carpet
  9. _______________ a cat near the cupboard.
  10. _______________two dolls on the chair.
  11. _______________ a rabbit under the chair.

Упражнение 11. Circle the correct answer.

1.Is there a fridge in the kitchen?

a Yes, there is. b. No, there isn’t.

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2. Are there two cupboards in the kitchen?

a. Yes, there are. b. No, there aren’t.

3. Are there any telephones in the kitchen?

a. Yes, there are. b. No, there aren’t.

4. Is there a cooker in the kitchen?

a Yes, there is. b. No, there isn’t.

Упражнение 12. Circle the correct word. Give short answers about your room.

  1. Is / Are there a sofa in the room? ______________________
  2. Is / Are there any chairs? ______________________
  3. Is / Are there any lamps? ______________________
  4. Is / Are there a wardrobe in the room? ______________________
  5. Is / Are there two armchairs? ______________________
  6. Is / Are there a carpet on the floor? ______________________

Упражнение 13. Write in isn’t or aren’t.

  1. There ________a sofa in the room.
  2. There ________any armchairs.
  3. There ________ any lamps.
  4. There ________a bookcase.
  5. There ________a bed.
  6. There________any books.

Упражнение 14. Find the differences

Пример: There’s a fireplace in picture 1. There’s no fireplace in picture 2.

Упражнение 15. Write the sentences in your exercise-book.

1. the living-room / There’s / in / a sofa

2. in / isn’t / the kitchen / There / a mirror /

3. the bedroom / there / in / Are / beds / two / ?

4. Are / wardrobes / the hall / there / in / two /?

5. a lamp / there / Is / room / your / in / ?

Упражнение 16 Circle the correct sentence.

1 a. There are armchair in the room.

B There are two armchairs in the room.

2. a. There’s a sofa in the bedroom?

b. Is there a sofa in the bedroom?

3. a. There’s a TV in the flat.

b. This is a TV in the flat.

4. a. Are there chairs in the hall?

b. Are there any chairs in the hall?

Упражнение 17. Make up sentences.

1) the bathroom, a mirror, in, is, there.

2) 3 chairs, are, there, the table, near.

3) behind, a lake, is, the house, there?

4) many, there, in, toys, the box, are?

5) isn’t, in, a cat, there, the bedroom

Упражнение 18. Read the sentences. Draw your picture.

There is some food in the fridge. There is some cheese 0n the shelf. There are some sausages to the right of the cheese. There are two cucumbers on the shelf. There is a red tomato to the left of the cucumbers. There is some cabbage behind the tomato.

Упражнение 19. Fill in is/are, was/were.

  1. There _______ two banks in our street.
  2. There _____ a cafe behind the supermarket last year. Now there _______ a museum there.
  3. There _____ a cinema and a sports centre to the right of the park.
  4. Five years ago there_____two shops in Central Square. Now there_____ two cafes, a theatre and a cinema.

Упражнение 20. Draw where these things are.

There are two books on the table. There is a cat under the table. There is a box between the table and the TV. There is a vase to the right of the chair. There is a ball behind the TV. There is a shoe in front of the chair.

Ответы к упражнениям.

Your own answers.

1 are, 2 is, 3 is, 4 are, 5 is, 6 is, 7 are, 8 is, 9 is, 10 are, 11 are, 12 is, 13 are, 14 is, 15 are, 16 are, 17 is, 18 is, 19 are, 20 is.

1 There’гe, 2 There’s , 3 There’s, 4 There’гe, 5 There’s, 6 There’гe

Вопросы: 1 Are there, 2 Is there, 3 Are there, 4 Are there, 5 Is there, 6 Are there

Your own short answers.

  1. There aren’t many pupils in the classroom.

Are there many pupils in the classroom?

  1. There is no meat on the plate.

Is there any meat on the plate?

  1. There aren’t four parks in the city.

Are there four parks in the city?

  1. Ther are ten pears in the bag.
  2. There aren’t pupils in the classroom.
  3. Is there an egg on the plate?
  4. There is a white cat on the chair.
  5. There isn’t a turtle on this farm.
  6. Are there two bikes at the door?

Your own answers.

1 There is, 2 there are, 3 there are, 4 there is, 5 there are

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Your own answers.

1 There’s, 2 There’re , 3 There’re, 4 There’s, 5 There’re, 6 There’s, 7 There’гe, 8 There’re , 9 There’s, 10 There’гe, 11 There’s

Вопросы:1 Is, 2 Are, 3 Are, 4 Is, 5 Are, 6 Is

Your own short answers.

1 isn’t, 2 aren’t, 3 aren’t, 4 isn’t, 5 isn’t, 6 aren’t.

Your own answers.

  1. There’s a sofa in the living-room.
  2. There isn’t a mirror in the kitchen,
  3. Are there two beds in the bedroom?
  4. Are there two wardrobes in the hall?
  5. Is there a lamp in your room?

1 b, 2 b, 3 a, 4 b.

  1. There is a mirror in the bathroom.
  2. There are 3 chairs near the table.
  3. Is there a lake behind the house?
  4. Are there many toys in the box?
  5. There isn’t a cat in the bedroom.

A picture of your own.

1 are, 2 was, is, 3 is, 4 were, are

A picture of your own.

I hope you liked the exercises. Share them with friends!

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Английский для всех простым языком

Тренировка There is — There are — тест с ответами

Задания с ответами на отработку правила There is — There are.

Упражнение # 1

Поставьте There is или There are в предложениях

There are a lot of cars.
There is a place to park.
There are six chairs in the kitchen.
There is a bottle f milk.
There is a gas station near here.
There is a mirror in our hall.

Упражнение # 2
Составьте вопросительные предложения на английском языке используя конструкцию there is — there are

1. Is there any milk in your fridge?
2. Is there any water?
3. Is there an elevator in your building?
4. Is there life on Mars?
5. Are there any films on TV?

Упражнение # 3
Скажите на английском отрицательные предложения

1. There is no train at 6 am.
2. There isn’t any sugar in this coffee.
3. There is no rain outside.
4. There’s nobody home.
5. There are no brains in someone’s head.

Упражнение # 4

Скажите эти предложения на русском

6. There aren’t any places to park.
7. There are some people waiting to see you.
8. There is a very nice apartment for rent in my building.
9. Is there time difference between UK and Russia?
10. There are great restaraunts in this city.

6. Нет ни одного места для парковки.
7. Вас ждут какие-то люди.
8. В моем доме есть очень хорошая квартира для съема.
9. Есть ли разница во времени между Великобританией и Россией?
10. В этом городе есть прекрасные рестораны.

Упражнение # 5

6. in this soup /a lot of / there is / salt.
7. is / in the New York/ there /London/ a time difference / and.
8. anybody / can/ is there / help /who/ me?
9. is / snow / there / outside?
10. aren’t / any /trains /on Sunday / there.

Упражнение # 6
Скажите данные предложения на английском языке

6. Для меня тут есть место.
7. В году 12 месяцев.
8. В зоопарке есть панда.
9. В Москве много музеев.
10. Есть такая теория.

1. There is a problem.
2. There are many skyscrapers in this area.
3. There is a party tonight.
4. There is snow outside.
5. I know there is love.

6. There is a place for me.
7. There are twelve months in a year.
8. There is a panda in the zoo.
9. There are alot of museums in Moscow.
10. There is this theory.

Упражнение # 7
Поставьте правильную конструкцию — is — или — are —

6. … there nothing to do?
7. There … presents here.
8. … there seven days in a week?
9. There … a lot of tea in the kitchen.
10. There … an American girl in my class.

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6. Is there nothing to do?
7. There are presents here.
8. Are there seven days in a week?
9. There is a lot of tea in the kitchen.
10. There is an American girl in my class.

Упражнение # 8
There is /There are — переведите

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Структура There is / are на лексике «Еда»
презентация к уроку по английскому языку на тему

Изучение структуры There is / are на материале изученной лексики по теме «Еда».


Вложение Размер
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Предварительный просмотр:

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Конструкция There is There are закрепление лексики по теме «Еда » Работу выполнила: Куликова Елена Владимировна Учитель английского языка, МБОУ Гимназия №24

There is / There are Конструкция используется для того, чтобы сообщить , что какой-то предмет или лицо, находится в определённом месте. Если русское предложение начинается со слов , отвечающих на вопрос ГДЕ ? ( на столе ), английское предложение начинается с конструкции There is / There are There is используется , если существительное в предложении стоит в единственном числе. Например: На столе книга. – There is a book on the table. There are используется , если существительное в предложении стоит во множественном числе. Например: На столе книги. – There are books on the table.

Обратите внимание на использование артиклей и количественных местоимений в предложении: There is a cat in the yard . — Во дворе (находится) кошка. There is some milk in the cup . – В чашке есть молоко. There are __ cats in the yard. – Во дворе (находятся) кошки. There are some apples on the plate. – На тарелке несколько яблок.

Построение вопросительных предложений: 1) Is there an apple on the plate? На тарелке есть яблоко? 2) Is there any milk in the glass? В стакане есть молоко? 3 ) Are there _ sweets on the table? На столе есть конфеты? 4 ) Are there any sweets on the table? На столе есть конфеты?

Построение отрицательных предложений: 1) There isn’t an apple on the plate. На тарелке нет яблока. 2) There is no _ apple on the plate. На тарелке нет яблока. 3) There aren’t _ potatoes in the fridge. В холодильнике нет картофеля . 4) There aren’t _ any potatoes in the fridge. В холодильнике нет картофеля . 5) There are no _ potatoes in the fridge. В холодильнике нет картофеля.

Вставьте is или are : 1) There ___ some sweets on the plate. 2) There ___ juice in the glass. 3) There ___ five tomatoes on the plate. 4) There ___ some meat in the soup. 5) There ___ some soup in the plate. 6) There ___ an egg on the plate. 7) There ___ some potatoes in the soup.

Вставьте a / an / some ,где возможно: 1) There is ___ butter in the porridge. 2) There are __ eggs in the fridge. 3) There is ___ apple on the plate. 4) There is ___ juice in the glass. 5) There is ___ bread on the plate. 6) There are __ oranges in the fridge.

Переведите предложения: 1) There is an orange in the fridge. 2) Is there any juice in the glass? 3) Are there any nuts in the box? 4) There are no oranges in the fridge. 5) There is no jam in the fridge. 6) Are there any lemons in the box? 7) There are some bananas on the plate.

Переведите предложения: 1) В коробке (несколько) яблок. 2) На тарелке нет орехов. 3) В холодильнике есть молоко? 4) В стакане есть сок? 5) На столе (несколько) бананов. 6) В супе нет мяса. 7) В супе есть капуста? 8) На тарелке (несколько) конфет. 9) В стакане нет чая. 10) В холодильнике есть мясо и масло.


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